Meet the winner of our fashion contest Dreu Beckemberg

It's not easy to impress the likes of our judges Ty Hunter, Fonzworth Bentley and Claire Sulmers, much less our fashion mentor, Ouigi Theodore. But Jamaican-born designer Dreu Beckemberg managed to do it with his amazing designs, and that's why we're awarding him a $15K grant to collaborate with Ouigi on an all-new menswear capsule collection. Stay tuned to @Craft_Syndicate on Instagram and Twitter to see what two of Brooklyn's finest work up together.

Ouigi Theodore, The Bearded Man with a Plan

Creative director, cultural connector & lead curator, Ouigi Theodore, has cultivated a unique style that has garnered recognition not only among the fashion pundits of New York, but also from streetwise fans as far away as Europe, South Africa, Japan, Korea and the UK. He has become a recognizable figure and has established himself as a trend forecaster for advertising and marketing agencies looking to get an edge in the market.

After graduating from the State University at Stony Brook with a degree in history, he went on to study Advertising Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology. As founder of The Brooklyn Circus, one of the most influential retail concepts in the USA, he travels extensively sharing The Brooklyn Circus/BKc perspective as well as the 100 Year plan of Style + Character.

Dreu Beckemberg, Gentleman Tailor

Dreu Beckemberg's journey into menswear began in the barber's chair, but has grown to encompass all things fashion and style. Upon arriving in the U.S. from Jamaica, Beckemberg quickly became one of the most popular barbers in Brooklyn. As he grew more experienced, however, Beckemberg realized he had a special talent that transcended traditional barber skills. So, the aspiring entrepreneur opened his own shop, where he began to offer clients a wide range of services such as styling and tailoring. Eventually the custom suits Beckemberg designed for clients led to his first official menswear line. Since then, Beckemberg has drawn inspiration from his love for the sport of Cricket to create Beckemberg Cricket Club, his first ready-to-wear line. And now the self-taught craftsman is gearing up to take his fashion skills from the streets of Flatbush to the national level.

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